Pattaya lies 150km to the southest of Bangkok, less than two hours by road, and stretches for some 15km along the Eastern Seaboard, Thailand's largest resort, it shares the coast with traditional fishing villages, other resorts such as Bang Saen and Rayong. Pattaya beach is a palm-fringed, sandy bay with a view of coral islands on the horizon. Nearby are other cliffs and other bays, while inland, the region is rich inagricultural products including sugar cane tapioca, rubber and fruit trees.

As a beach resort with city status, Pattaya has something for everyone. Whereas most other beach resorts rely simply on natural surroundings for their charm, Pattaya makes an all-out sttempt to provide the best of everything. There is just about everything you can think of for recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and fun. Pattaya can be whatever you want it to be. Such is its variety that it is ideal for all kinds of visitors. While there is plenty to keep the children happily occupied, there is also everything for the sports enthusiastic, for couples of all ages seeking rest and reaxation and ofr those who are simply looking for warm sunshine.

After-dark, options include open-air bars, nightclubs, cabaret shows and discos. The nightlife centre is South Pattaya, popularly known as "The Strip", but if this is a trifle brash and noisy for some tastes, there are alternative, quieter sports for evening fun in more relaxed style. Shopping too, can be an evening attraction. Most establishments close late, and the dedicated bargain hunter can find all of Thailand's best buys - silk, gems and jewellery, tailor-made clothing, handicrafts and more.

Visitors can windsurf, water ski, sea walk, swim, sunbathe, snorkel, sail or take trips to offshore coral islands. They can rent water scooters to explore Pattaya Bay, and motorcycles and jeeps to explore neighbouring beaches such as the increasingly popular Jomtien just south of Pattaya. Tennis exthusiasts can enjoy themelves at the courts of leading hotels. Further entertainment includes bowling alleys, snooker halls, shooting galleries and archery.

Pattaya boasts an in credible choice of accommodation to suit every pocket. Facilities range from luxury hotels with private beaches to bayside hotels and bungalows, and inland, economy class hotels and guest houses.

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Walking Street is part of the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the night life. It is a red-light district[1] with many go-go bars and brothels
Ko Lan is the largest of the Near Islands, off south Pattaya. It is located at the SE end of the Bay of Bangkok, on the eastern side of the Gulf of Siam
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